Minor Works & Construction in Washington, DC

IJS Limited is a skilled contractor with extensive experience in the construction of projects throughout Washington, DC, and surrounding areas. We provide engineering consulting services, expertise and construction supply. Our skilled network of estimators, builders, and project managers will work with you to ensure that your project is completed to your exact specifications.

Our Minor Construction, including:

  1. Asbestos Work
  2. Construction Brickwork
  3. Carpentry Work
  4. Cleaning & Clearance Work
  5. Demolition Work
  6. Drainage Construction work
  7. Electrical Work
  8. Fencing & Gates Work
  9. Fire & Safety Installation
  10. Foundation Work
  11. Landscaping Work
  12. Lifts Installation & Connections
  13. Painting & decorating work
  14. Plastering work & other finishes
  15. Plumbing Work
  16. Roofing Work
  17. Wall, floor, tile & sheet finishing Work
Our dedicated team of contractors, including engineers, architects, and interior decor advisors, has the experience and innovative skills to make your home improvements a reality and finish all the minor works on time.

We can handle any type of residential & commercial projects minor construction works at a fair price. We offer full-service minor construction works to all of Washington, DC.

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What Is Covered in a Minor Works & Construction?

At IJS Limited, We manage the following parts of the minor works & home construction, renovation to complete the works in a certain timeline.

    • Remove the old blocks and clean up the available space.
    • Remove any temporary walls and other small build-ups.
    • Remove the old Tiles & Add new suitable Tiles
    • Plumbing Works & Pipe Installation works
    • New plastering methods & Interior design
    • New Lighting Installation & Paintings
    • New Electrical Fittings & Connections