PreConstruction Services in Washington, DC

Pre-construction services are services offered before actual construction begins to help plan, analyse and establish needs for construction. They are aimed at educating clients on what will be needed to make the project functional and financially viable.

  • Blueprints
  • Inspections
  • Reports

A high-end residential construction project demands incredible levels of meticulous planning, coordination with third parties and administration and budgeting. IJS Limited provides the complete pre construction services in Washington, DC to provide an end-to-end solutions for your project.

We at IJS Limited, we help you increase the value of your building and decrease risk for your construction project by offering timely, coordinated assistance in all aspects of pre-construction starting from commercial management methodologies and programming, to stakeholder management and design.

Preconstruction services from our company eliminate some of the uncertainties of the project, minimize risks associated with the project, and help identify the areas where you can save money without requiring a large investment.